PPC Campaigns

In PPC Campaigns we train Google Ads and Facebook Ads Completely starting from scratch. We will assign a project where students will learn hands-on experience like creating Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, How to Keyword Analysis. 

Benefits Of Any PPC Campaigns

  • Results are instants
  • Turn around time of any business is very less
  • Faster increase of Brand Awareness
  • Easily retarget of the audience is possible
  • Promoto any business within no time
  • Results are measurable
  • Results are profitable, pocket friendly if the ads are executed with through planning and execution

Search Engine Marketing

The  marketing web search engines   ( SEM   by the acronym of  Search Engine Marketing  ), is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPS). According to the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, these are SEM methods: search engine positioning (also known as SEO), payment for PPC search engine placement, contextual advertising, as long as there is a payment involved. Other sources define SEM as “the practice of paying for ads in search engine search results.”

Start Learning PPC with Us 

We provide an hand hold support, Intested in Learning
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Google Adwords


Understanding Adwords

Google Ad Types

Creating Ad Campaigns

Pricing Models

Creating Text Ads

Creating Ad Groups

PPC Cost Formula

Bidding Strategy for CPC

Ad Page Rank

Keywords Control

Adwords User Interface

Remarketing Rules


Bidding Strategy on Location/Schedule/Devices

Conversion Tracking Code

Designing Image Ads

Creating Animated Ads

Youtube Video Promotion

Remarketing Strategies

Keyword Planning

Remarketing Tracking Code

Linking Google Analytics

Designing Remarketing Images

Shared Budget

GWD Software


Facebook Ad Campaigns


Organic v/s Paid

Defining Ad Objective

Performance Matrix

Ad Components

Designing Creative Image

Facebook Ad Structure

Setting Up Facebook Ad Account

Create Ad – Targeting

Create Ad – Budgeting

Page Promotion

Content and CTA

Boosting Page Posts

Create Ad – Creative

Video Promotion

Similar Ads and Audiences

Tracking Pixels Code

Remarketing – Website Visitors

Custom Audiences – Look-Alike

Custom Audience – Saved Group

Managing and Editing Ads

Ad Reports and Ad Insights

Billing and Account

Facebook Advance Strategies


Facebook Business Manager

People, Pages, and Roles

Ad Accounts Configurations

Ad Agencies and Assigning

Shared Login for FB Business A/c

Custom Events

Email Targeting on Facebook

Facebook Offers

CTA on Page

Posts for Location

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