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CALL Ads for Local Business


Call Ads are one of the easiest form to reach the desired customers at a very fast pace where the results are results are instantaneous. Call ads helps for local business like motor repair shop, music classes or any vegetable shop just a click to call will reach the customers. Also this is one Just One Click

We can track our call ads from four different ways, they are either set up manually the conversion tag and then track them. Or use the call tracking software which do the job for you like call rail, wordstream and other software’s.

Google launched a program called Google Call Ads on April 10, 2017. And since then, the call-to-action capabilities have been built into the mobile apps. The program allows the advertisers to use push notifications or text messaging to “send consumers a friendly ‘Call now to hear more’ call-to-action

Different Types Of Call Ads

Calls from Ads

Whenever a user manually dials or clicks on a phone number on a ad extension of mobile ad using a Google forwarding no. T

Calls from ads are the ads that can be created like when a user manually clicks a phone number in an mobile ad or ad extension using Google forward number. So now lets see how to set up Google call ads.

We can set up Call ads in 2 ways

  1. Call Extensions

Call extensions are adding your phone number to your existing ads, which will appear on your search ads automatically along side. This extension might not be important to your business but helps to improve CTR and Quality Score. Also not necessarily it will show up every ad impression.



  1. Click to Call Ads

Call ads are designed to specifically to generate calls for the advertisers. If your business is local service providing services for your customers locally and completely dependent on phone calls like Vegetable home delivery, bike repairs, Water filter repair services then should try Call Ads.

One more advantage the user do not land on the landing page instead it’s a Click to Call directly and these ads will show up only on mobile.

  1. Calls From Website Or Call to Phone No. On the mobile website

Whenever a user manually click a phone number on the website, this is tracked by adding tags to website and connecting them analytics using Tag manager.


3rd Party Call Tracking

Call tracking can be done using third party software which provide detailed analytics like how long the call connected i.e. call duration, source of call.

Click to Call

Click to call conversion tracks clicks on tel: links on the website. A tel: link click does not necessarily convert into an actual Phone Call, hence this conversion is fall back.

Google Frowarding Number

If you want to track your Google Ads conversion then use


Want to track your ads with

Google’s existing Call-to-Action Ads, which allow businesses to target location-based audiences by offering special discounts or additional content for their web pages, can now be used to promote local businesses in the same way. On a local business page, a user who has clicked on a call-to-action ad will be directed to a page with some of the additional content from the targeted ad. People can then click on a button that will take them to a nearby business, where they can make an actual

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