Top 7 reasons why Google Analytics has to be installed in to your website

Top 7 reasons why Google Analytics has to be installed in to your website

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool which will be used to collect website data in the most appropriate way. This data collected can be used to understand the customer’s behaviour, user experience, online content, device functionality.
GA will provide the information to analyze and understand the user behaviour of the website. Google Analytics is important for any business because this will provide you with the visitor data to identify what website visitors are doing on the site. There are other web analytics tools which are used to collect the website data but the most popular and free version that websites can use is Google Analytics.

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1. It’s Free
Yes, you heard right, Google Analytics is free for small and medium businesses where google is not charging anything. Directly login into the website and head towards to admin panel and set up your google analytics account. But Analytics will give you the most important information, numbers, and statistics to help you maximize your website performance

2. Collects Data Automatically

Google Analytics will collect your website data automatically once you install the piece of code that is generated from Google Analytics. It will also provide readily available reports as your first hand information of your website visitors

3. Customized Reports
you can set up customized reports which will be sent to your email regularly directly without any interruption.

4. Understand the User Behaviour
Google Analytics will give you the ability to measure the user behavior in your website. With this information, you can make necessary changes based on the requirement in your website navigation and products/service offers. Overall the website will become more user-friendly and improve the performance of the website.
Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the measurement by which you can understand why your website visitors are leaving the website.
Bounce rate can be defined as the percentage of visitors who leave your site after spending very little time on your website. This means the website visitor came in search of something which they are required could not able to find either you do not have it your site or because of the navigational issue. Overall it will impact your website performance if the bounce rate is high. This means you need to take immediate actions to bring down the bounce rate by finding the reason behind it.

5. Source of the Visitor
Google Analytics uncover
valuable information like the source of the visitor from where the visitor came to your site. The different channels might be organics, ads or social media

Geo Targeting
Google analytics pinpoint from where your visitors are reaching your website. This will help you to determine the channels which are driving the most of your website traffic.
The Audience section in Google Analytics provides information about your website like age, gender, interests, devices, and location. From this, you can understand your website visitors.

6. Understanding what kind of content
As all of us know “Content is King” in Search Engine optimization, if you have created content which is original and properly aligning with proper tags as per SEO requirement then this will improve your ranking. This will gradually improve your organic search and increases traffic to your website.
Create content that is more relevant, easy to understand important for your user experience.
Google Analytics tracks all your website content that receives views and shares. Form this you can enhance your top viewed blog content to appeal to the customers in a more productive way.

7. Set up Goals
Setting up Goals in Google Analytics will help you to track your business is moving ahead and progressing. Analytics has a standard template which can be used if your motto also the same otherwise you can set up custom goals. There is Smart Goal option also available which will automatically measure the most engaged visitors to your website and turn these visitors into Goals.

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