Basics of Digital Marketing

Basics of Digital Marketing

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  1. What is Digital Marketing?

  2. How is it different from Traditional Marketing?

  3. What is the need of Digital Marketing

So what is digital marketing?

The term digital marketing has originated in the late 1980s as the term digital advertising. It basically means the process of creating an online marketing and advertisement campaign that is targeted at the general public. Digital marketing has a huge potential in creating income for a business enterprise and can be used in order to market the business through its website and a variety of other forms of digital media.

Digital Marketing in Today’s world is more sophisticated than ever, with brands able to reach their target audience in new and innovative ways using innovative digital marketing strategies. Digitization and innovation in technology are reshaping the way consumers and businesses purchase goods and services. That said, it is important to know the most effective ways to reach your target audience, and incorporate those channels in the various digital marketing strategies you implement. 

This is because the evolution of Digital marketing is taking a shape and becoming more competitive with intensive targeting and retargeting of website visitors through SEO, Ads, Emails and follow up with multiple channels

The Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing

The major share of the market is small and medium scale industries where traditional market is difficult to reach. This is because of the price is too high where small industries cannot afford it.

The list of traditional marketing activities is mentioned below

  1. Newspaper inserts

  2. Newspaper Ads

  3. Display Boards (wall painting, Display on roads, above buildings)

  4. Brand Ambassadors

  5. TV Ads 

  6. Radio Jingles

  7. Direct Marketing

Whereas comparing to Traditional marketing in Digital Marketing is a great platform for one and all weather it might be a small business or a big enterprise. In Digital Marketing we can advertise with $1K-1000K  based on the budget you have. Here we can target our audience, measure the website visitors, Interest-based advertisements, Track and Analyse the visitors is possible. The reach of your business is variable on dependent on the activities you are going to carry out to reach the Audience.

The different ways to reach the audiences are listed below

  1. Search Engine Optimization

  2. Social Media Marketing

  3. Email Marketing

  4. Blogs

  5. Affiliate Marketing

  6. Search Engine Marketing

Tracking and Analysis of the Website Visitors can be done various ways, some of them are

  1. Google Analytics

  2. Adobe Analytics

  3. Clicky

  4. Heatmaps

In the end would like to mention that traditional marketing is not dead but the majority share of the marketing is taken over by Digital Marketing and it is swallowing more and more to grow more.

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